The Science Behind Synchrony™

syn•chro•ny – a state in which things happen or move at the same time.

Synchrony is found everywhere in the natural world; it is brought about by the adjustment of physical or biological rhythms to one another. It can be observed in the fireflies of southeast Asia, in the rhythmic pumping of heart cells, in lasers, and in brains.

The science behind Synchrony began with a simple idea: What if people’s perception of rhythm depends upon the synchronization of their brains’ rhythms? It turns out to be true: people’s brain rhythms synchronize to the rhythms of music, the rhythms of speech, and other events around us. Simulating the way humans hear music allows us to create amazing visualizations that other lighting controllers simply can’t equal!

Synchrony™ versus the Competition

Other lighting systems either flash based on the qualities of individual sounds, such as loudness, or they are put together by a human, either by programming ahead of time or by operating the controls in real time.

Synchrony™ is different. Our neural network technology hears music the way people do. And our simple design makes it easy to use. It is like having a lighting designer in the room with you, listening to your music and creating a spontaneous light show, in real time.

The Neural Network Inside Synchrony™

What makes Synchrony™ unique is an advanced neural network that synchronizes oscillations to music the same way human brain does. This allows it to anticipate and respond to each note based on the musical context. We map the output of the neural networks to LEDs, resulting in a spontaneous light show that makes musical sense. Also, because it is a dynamic neural network, not a simple algorithm, it never responds to a song exactly the same way twice. Like every experience listening to a song is different for us, every experience with Synchrony™ is unique.