Our Journey

About Synchrony LEDs

Synchrony™ is developed by musicians, neuroscientists, AI gurus, and lighting designers at Oscilloscape, LLC. We spend our days listening to music, reading about neuroscience, arguing about perception, and synthesizing this into a unique musical experience. We are always experimenting, always learning, and always willing to try something new. But most of all, we have fun. We want to share our journey with you.

Our Experience

We are focused on creating the most compelling visual musical experience you have ever seen. We value musicianship, quality, and aesthetic experience. We make Synchrony™ for people who don’t just listen to music, they live music. Because — we are what we listen to.

More than Blinking Lights

Synchrony™ is more than just blinking lights. Synchrony is the means by which people share feelings through music. More than 20 years of research in neuroscience have revealed self-organizing patterns that form in our brains when we experience music together. By seeing these patterns expressed in light, we hope to deepen everyone’s musical experience.

The Team

Ed Large

musician, neuroscientist & founder

Ji Chul Kim

music theorist & chief science officer

Jon Forsyth

music technologist & chief technology officer

Stefanie Acevedo

music theorist & consultant

Mary Hamidi

computer scientist & machine learning/software development intern

Ashish Mohan

marketing intern

Colt Nichols

engineer & hardware/software development intern

Adrián Román

technology intern

Mohammed Serdah

technology intern

Meixian Wang

business analyst & marketing intern

Dylan Reilly

lighting designer & consultant

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Synchrony™ is an Oscilloscape, LLC. Product